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AgileCT is an abbreviation of Agile Consultancy & Training. As the name suggests, our service focuses on all Agile initiatives. Below you can read more about the services, the company and staff. If you have questions or want more information, you can simply click on the Contact-button below.

Agile coaching

Agile coaching is the core-business of AgileCT. Agile isn’t difficult to explain, but becoming and staying Agile is always challenging. Here, experienced Agile coaches can make a difference.
AgileCT offers Agile coaching on team level: an experienced Agile coach helps Agile teams improving themselves by coaching of Scrum Masters and / or Product Owners. In addition, AgileCT offers coaching at management level: an Agile coach can help with the transition from traditional management to Agile leadership. A management team can also be coached in embracing their Agile way-of-working as a team.
Agile coaching can be done in many ways. For example, an Agile coach can be present at Agile team events and provide feedback afterwards. But also 1-on-1 coaching for managers for example, is possible. A coaching program can be drawn, with an appropriate form, duration and intensity.

Agile training

Good training is the basis of Agile. A clear understanding of Agile principles and Agile ways-of-working (eg Scrum or Kanban) is a first, really important step. AgileCT training courses focus on team level, management and scaled Agile. Some of the available training courses: Agile Foundation, Scrum & Kanban, Scrum Master, Agile Leader and Leading SAFe.
AgileCT distinguishes itself by offering training courses that, on top of a theoretical basis, always highlight practical examples. Investments in Agile training will quickly pay off in faster learning curves of the trainees when embracing Agile!
Each training request is preceded by a short intake, to determine the knowledge level of the trainees, and to see which content will best suit the needs. Various trainings prepare trainees for official external examinations as well.

Agile transformations

For a company to become Agile as a whole, it is not sufficient to just implement Agile on team-level. An Agile transformation stretches itself over the entire company. Agile "scaling frameworks" such as SAFe, LeSS or Nexus, or the best-practices as developed by the Swedish company Spotify can help with transformations.
After a successful transformation, team-alignment at the tactical level will be set up. At the strategic level, portfolio management can be put in place as well. The role of management as Agile leaders is very important when transforming. They act as change agents so that Agile transformations actually happen.
When called upon for Agile transformations, the initial effort of AgileCT will focus on exploratory studies to formulate a plan. During the eventual subsequent Agile transformation period, AgileCT can also provide Agile coaching and training.


AgileCT currently has only one permanent employee: founder and owner Michiel Penraad. Michiel has more than 7 years of experience with Agile ways-of-working. The last 4,5 years he has been working as (senior) Agile coach. In recent years, he has mainly been involved in (supervising) Agile transformations on team-, tactical- and strategic level, using the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). He spends most of his time coaching (and training) employees/teams and managers who fulfill a (for them new) role in Agile working.

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